A project for Dow Benelux, the producer of blue insulation panels ("you can build with blue"). This turned into a book, "Everything you always wanted to know about Blue". No need to mention all the illustrations have a "blue" connection some way or another. A total of 16 paintings were produced. The brief was that they all had to be in a different style.
An der schönen blauen Donau,
composed by Joh. Strauss Jr. in 1867.
Bluebeard, the guy that killed his seven wives.
Blue pennant, a historical trofee for steamships.
French Blue cheese.
Luscinia svecica, the so-called Bluebreast.
Willem Janszoon Blaeu (Blue in old-Dutch),
cartographer and printer (1571-1638).
The Blue Diamonds, Indonesian-Dutch singing brothers from the early sixties.
Blue stocking, nickname for a woman who pretends to be well educated.
Der blaue Engel, Marlene Dietrich.
Blue prism.
Blue-feeters, a flemish student movement against french language (1875-1880).
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