Some of the illustrations I did while living in Miami, Florida.
Old Town Trolley Tours
A newspaper ad illustration, showing some of the landmarks of Miami that the trolley passes.
Doomed house
Illustration for a story about houses buit with materials that make people sick and depressed in Tropic, The Miami Herald magazine.
Mr. Pelullo at the Carlyle hotel-Miami Beach
An illustration for New Miami magazine.
Distributer's Warehouse
A newspaper ad illustration.
Education Without Boundaries
Cover illustration for Southern Bell phonebook (USA)
Hula Bowl and Parrot Bowl
Miami Junior Achievement Bowl-a-thon posters.
Lone Sailor
private commission. I'd hate to be caught in that type of weather
There's The Pot Of Gold!
Cover illustration for The Miami Review.
T-shirt design. While living in Miami, the World Cup Soccer was played in the USA. You could buy t-shirts with logos from any country participating, except The Netherlands. This made me create my own t-shirt in the style of the others. And of course I was wearing it whenever the Dutch played, for years after.
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