I love progressive rock, stuff like Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd & Marillion, to the lesser known bands. The best is when you can combine your art with the music you love, like happened with this calendar, commissioned by SI Music. A joy to do while listening to their music. I have to admit that after this project was finished, I didn't touch my pen and ink for half a year!

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Cover image
Alan Parsons Project
Kate Bush
Peter Gabriel
Mike Oldfield
Pink Floyd
Prints of all these images are available! For more info: send an email to m.baert@zeelandnet.nl
Each drawing is composed of images of album-, single- or EP- covers from that artist (until 1987). Each drawing is done in pen and ink.
Silkscreen of all artists.
All images © 1985-2008: All rights reserved by Mario Baert.
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