A project for Book publisher Kramat.

The book is written by Nico De Braeckeleer, a Belgian writer. He's written several nice science fiction and horror books. Nico contacted me himself to do the cover of his book "Doostil" (stock-still) which he had just finished writing. After reading the manuscript, several sketches were made as possible directions for the cover. Nico had a favourite rightaway. Fortunately the publisher liked the sketch too and the drawing could be worked out. No changes were made after the drawing was worked out. But I decided to do this art as a hybrid piece of art. This means I did paint in a traditional way, but details and some effects were done digitally using Photoshop. As it turns out, I'm really happy with that way of working, but it's too bad the final piece will have to be printed and the original is not "finished".

The painting of course is for a wraparound cover, so I had to keep in mind the positioning of text. As it turned out, I was asked to design the cover as well so I can place text where I really want it.

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From sketch to final