Great creatures deserving their own chapter! One of my Fantasy art heroes, Michael Whelan, does great dragons, make sure to visit his site, check out the links page.
Danger Behind
Dragon Moon
Dragon Rock
Over The Edge
an ad illustration for a software developer
Dragon Noise
the reaction my wife has when I put some "rough" music on, like Rush.
Indian Dragon
Little Wings
private commission
Flying Dragon
Red Dragon
private commission
Red War Dragon
private commission
Both pieces were done around the same time. Red Dragon was done first for a client, but another client saw the sketch and wanted it too... I then decided to change some things around, but as it turned out, quite a few more things changed. In retrospect, it seems to me now that the first one was more of a sketch for the second one. That one's my favourite.
Little Dragon
The Little Dragon, a book written by my nephew Gunnar (then 10 years old!).
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