Mario was born in Hulst and raised in Terneuzen, Zeeuws Vlaanderen (The southern part of The Netherlands, physically connected to Belgium but not to the rest of The Netherlands) together with two sisters.

Studied art at St. Joost, Breda (NL)

After serving the obligated period in the Dutch army (base Seedorf, Germany), moved to the USA where he found a job as illustrator at Hall Graphics in Miami and ended up forming Mazzarella Baert Graphic Design and Illustration with partner J. Mazzarella in Miami, Florida, which folded after 8 years in the wake of hurricane Andrew.

After working as a freelance designer/ilustrator for a little while in Miami he moved back to where his roots were, taking a job as Art Director with Neckermann, a mail-order company. In 2009 a move to Belgian mail-order company Unigro based in St. Niklaas followed.

Now Mario lives in Sluiskil, a village near Terneuzen with his wife Sabrina and daugters Amelie and Alanah. When he's not working at Unigro or doing illustrations, Mario likes to listen to Progressive Rock (the likes of Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd), read european Comics or Fantasy and Science Fiction books, play badminton, watch soccer or movies, look thru his extensive collection of art and illustration books or work on his iMac which he doesn't only use for work, but also for play.

Here's a short comic of who I am, done for the newsletter of a badminton club I used to be a member of. Each issue a member presents his/herself to the other members.
If you like my work, chances are you'll find something of interest to you on this page. For me, these have been an inspiration and a joy to visit. Enjoy!

IMAGENETION: a starting point to find some great artists.
ILLUSTRATORS: some great illustrators from the past.


BROM: official site. Always thought his art was Michael Whelan's. I rank him very high as well, yet with a darker mood than Michael Whelan.
ROGER DEAN: official site. One of the first fantasy artists I encountered and the artist that got me hooked on progressive rock through his wonderful "yes" album covers.
KEITH PARKINSON: official site. He's done some great book covers, as well as art for fantasy games, an area I never did get in to, yet I love a lot of the artwork. Unfortunately Keith passed away in 2005. The site is still up though.
MICHAEL WHELAN: official site. Just great art, what's more to say?
BARRY WINDSOR SMITH: official site. Although a comic book artist, famous for his Conan-series his art is related to the pre-raffaelites whom I greatly admire.
MATTIAS NOREN: Progart, very nice CD cover art
DONATO GIANCOLA: Great SF and Fantasy art, saw some originals which, as usual are much nicer than the printed versions (the size of them put the art in scale as well).
DAVID WYATT: Love a lot of his fantasy paintings, does a great deal of the work digitally as well. Interesting, I still don't trust the colors on my screen...
FRANKA: Artist Henk Kuijpers' main character from a wonderfully developed comic book series.


THE DUTCH PROGRESSIVE ROCK PAGES: (In English!) One of the best places to find out about all kinds of news on all levels of Progressive Rock.
PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Another place for reviews.
THE AXIOM OF CHOICE: One of the best places for reviews, a vast amount of hard to find titles.


THE FLOWER KINGS Official Site: Part of the new wave of Prog bands. Swedish band with lots of influences; jazz, blues, rock, progressive rock.
IQ Official Site: A band that came up at the same time as Marillion, not as successful, but great music anyway.
PENDRAGON Official Site:
Another band that came up at the same time as Marillion, not as successful, but great music anyway.
SPOCK'S BEARD Official Site:
Part of the new wave of Prog bands. Great albums with Neal Morse as the main writer and singer. When he left the band, many feared, but with the drummer now the singer as well, the band returned with some great music.
RICK WAKEMAN Official Site: Keyboard player of Yes, and then not, and then again and...etc. Has made lots of albums which you can find information about here. Rick has even reviewed his own albums himself quite honestly!
YES Official Site: The band that started me listening to Prog rock. I started with Yessongs and bought every album they produced so far.
MARILLION Official site: Influenced by Genesis at first, but wonderfully developed in their own style.

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photo by A. Baert